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He Put 12 Nails In Lemon – This May Save Your Life!
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He Put 12 Nails In Lemon – This May Save Your Life! 

One of the most important issues when it comes to survival in the middle of nowhere is how to light a fire.

How to light a fire?

It turns out you won’t even really require anything too fancy to create a lemon blaze, either – some zinc and copper nails, wire, steel wool and material that ignites are all you need.

A fascinating chemical reaction occurs after construction, and the wires are able to generate electricity. Once you touch them to the steel wool (and the kindling of your choice), you’ll have yourself a nice toasty fire in seconds!

Lemon battery

The lemon battery is commonly made in the school science projects and it is a simple type of electrical battery, and it illustrates a battery’s main components. Usually, a piece of a piece of copper metal and zinc metal are inserted into a lemon. Objects from our everyday life such as copper pennies and galvanized nails can be used for the copper and for the zinc. Using an electrical meter, a single lemon can be studied. A more powerful battery that will power a buzzer, a light-emitting diode, or a digital clock requires several lemons to be wired together.

The first electrical battery invented in 1800 by Alessandro Volta in Italy is pretty similar to the lemon battery. Volta used brine (saltwater) instead of lemon juice. In some textbooks in order to illustrate the chemical reactions that occur in batteries is used the lemon battery to described. The copper and zinc are the electrodes of the battery, and the electrolyte is the juice inside the lemon is called. There are many variations of the lemon battery that use different metals other than zinc and copper as electrodes and different fruits (or liquids) as electrolytes.

There is a pretty interesting article about the lemon battery on Wikipedia

Watch this video where NorthSurvival will show you to make fire with a lemon. If you like it don’t forget to check some of their other videos.


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