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Coconut Oil for Bruises

Coconut Oil for Bruises 

If you’re an easy bruiser like I am, then you will be ECSTATIC about this!

Coconut oil is great for helping reduce the appearance of bruises. Not only the appearance, but it actually helps to regenerate the bruised tissue. (Just another one of coconut oil’s great benefits!)  Remember to apply ice to your bruise right away to help reduce any discoloring from your bruise.

How to treat bruises with Coconut Oil

Just apply directly on bruises:
Massage the oil in an outward motion from the center of your bruise.  A bruise is basically what you can see when your blood vessels right under the skin burst.  The various colors of the bruise is the blood from these vessels that has been displaced and is in various stages of recuperation. Coconut oil‘s healing properties help heal the bruised tissue and skin.

Remember, coconut oil is in liquid form if warm and hardens a bit when it’s cool.

Another reason you should keep coconut oil in your pantry, right?

Happy healing!
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