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How to Treat a Cut / Wound with Turmeric Powder
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How to Treat a Cut / Wound with Turmeric Powder 

Turmeric is a spice that people have used for centuries in both food and medicine. It is a belief since ancient times that turmeric Powder has benefits for the human body.

The main characteristics of a wound are exposed to tissue and pain along with bleeding from the cut or wound. You need to treat them instantly to eliminate the risk of infections.

If your wound is slightly bleeding, you can put dry turmeric powder on the wound and let it clot the blood. You will eventually need a band-aid to put over the turmeric but this should help your wound resist any bacteria from entering since turmeric acts as an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory.

Why Turmeric Powder is a Win for Your Skin?

Just like avocados can help soften your skin and fight aging when used as a mask, oatmeal can help with redness and acne, and apple cider vinegar can reduce acne and dullness, turmeric can be applied to your face or on other parts of your body to reduce inflammation and help with healing.
Turmeric Powder Healing

pinch of turmeric (depending on how big your wound is)

Mix the turmeric with a drop of water to make a thick paste and apply over the wound–after the wound has been washed and cleaned thoroughly. Put the turmeric paste on top of the wound and let it stay.

Make sure you wash your hands first and then apply the paste gently on the wound.
To stop the bleeding first put pressure on the wound for a minute or so and then applied the turmeric treatment.

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