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Avocado and Egg Hair Mask for Dry Damaged Hair

Avocado and Egg Hair Mask for Dry Damaged Hair 

Avocados are vegetables that yield many health beneficial results for dry hair and damaged skin and applications including hair mask as well. Avocados are rich in vitamins and minerals such as Vitamins A, D, E, and K and nutrients such as protein, iron, copper, magnesium, amino acids, and potassium. And, to think!

You can find them in your pantry or as far as the nearest grocery store and access to all these amazing minerals and nutrients for your hair.

This should cost you much less, depending on the price of avocados in your area, than for example a prepackaged homemade hair treatment like Neutrogena’s triple moisture hair mask.

This is a fast natural and inexpensive home remedy for hair that will leave your hair feeling extremely smooth.

One of the best homemade masks out there for dry hair is this DIY avocado homemade hair mask as avocados are saturated with good fat which coats your hair and helps protect it against free radicals in the air and everyday styling abuse such as blow-drying and straightening your hair.

The harsh winter months and hot summer months can also wreak havoc on our locks, making our hair dry, brittle and susceptible to breakage and split ends. You can use olive oil and yogurt hair mask treatment for replenishing hair moisture. With its excellent hair moisturizing properties due to all the nutrients in avocados mentioned above, this homemade hair mask takes that one step further.

Believe it or not, having dry, brittle hair can wreak havoc on self-esteem. We all know how it feels when we prefer to tying our hair in a pony rather than deal with it. But, there is hope for healthy hair! These are a great way to make homemade hair treatment masks since they are not expensive and are easy to make.

It’s a great excuse to take some time out for your selves (men and women alike!) and just relax while the avocado hair mask does its job on your scalp and hair.

Create an avocado homemade hair mask  Easy.

What do you need for this Avocado and Egg Hair Mask?

1 Avocado
2 Egg whites
1 Tablespoon olive oil

Follow these directions:
This avocado hair mask treatment requires about 5 minutes from your time from start to finish.  You will need to use the flesh of 1 avocado, 2 egg whites, 1 tablespoon of olive oil. Mash the flesh of the avocado, using a fork. Transfer to a bowl (if you didn’t start out in one), and add the egg whites and olive oil to the avocado and continue to mix well. After a couple of minutes of mashing all the ingredients together, you can start to apply the mask to your hair.

When you apply this mask, make sure your hair is dry.

Using your fingertips, scoop out some of the masks and apply it to your head, starting at the scalp and root of your hair to the tips of your hair. To make the Avocado Hair Mask easy to apply, separate your hair into several partings.

Keep this avocado hair mask treatment for about 15-30 minutes on your scalp. Use warm water, shampoo, and condition to rinse it off as usual.

It may take a little longer to wash out, but don’t worry about that because once you are done with the hair treatment, your hair will look and feel much better!

Removing the olive oil and just use a whole egg and the avocado flesh in the same manner as described above could be an alternative to this avocado hair mask treatment recipe. As the olive oil is the tricky part to get out this may eliminate the need to rigorously wash your hair after the mask.

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