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Honey & Olive Oil for Silky Hair

Honey & Olive Oil for Silky Hair 

Honey has many healing properties and is actually used as a natural healing home remedy for ulcers, sores, and wounds. When used on hair, honey can help dry, because it naturally retains moisture and brittle strands from losing more.

Olive oil is widely known to have conditioning and moisturizing properties.  It is used often in the East to help heal dry skin and maintain healthy hair. Honey and olive oil, when combined together, offer protection against free radicals in the air. It also turns, shinier look and it offers a natural way to condition your hair for healthier.

What You Need:

Olive Oil – 2-3 tablespoons depending on the length of hair
Honey – 1-2 tablespoons depending on the length of hair


In a bowl, mix the olive oil and honey together using a spoon, or your hands.  Make sure your hair is free of any other product so that the mixture can adhere to hair strands properly.  Massage your mixture into your hair and scalp using your fingertips. You can add more olive oil and honey, if needed, to cover all your hair.

TIP: Separate your hair into sections so that it’s easier for you to apply.

Leave the mixture on for about 15-30 minutes.

Wash your hair as usual. Your hair will feel silky smooth and you will most likely not need to use conditioner! You can use this safe home remedy on your hair weekly and if your hair is really dry, bi-weekly.

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