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Food that helps your skin fresh and strong

Food that helps your skin fresh and strong 

Food that is rich in vitamin C

Women who eat much food that is plentiful in vitamin C and linoleic acid can reduce wrinkles. In fact, their skin feels more fresh and smooth. Do you wonder why? The aging process can be slowed down with vitamin C. Vitamin C is found much in fruits and veggies some of them are strawberry, orange, and tomato.

Dark green vegetables

Dark green vegetables

Some green vegetables like broccoli, curly cake, spinach, etc. are useful against skin aging and the free radicals that cause it. In fact, curly cake and spinach can protect you from UV rays. Besides, folic acid and vitamins such as A, C, and E help rejuvenate your body. Especially, these green vegetables are good to enhance the memory of old people aged 65+.

Nuts and fruits contain much oil

Nuts and fruits contain much oil

Soybeans, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, and walnuts are plentiful of calcium, protein, vitamin E, and omega 3. Therefore, they take an important role in aging prevention and health to improve. As soybeans contain genistein – a rare material to naturally prevent aging, they are especially recommended.
Besides, you can add olive and almond to your daily diet because they are useful for you to have strong skin. Experts say that ten almonds each day can make skin aging away.

Orange fruits


Pumpkin and carrot enhance skin endurable, reduce wrinkles, and make your skin smooth. Vitamin A found in pumpkin and carrot is not only good for your eyes but it also helps to eliminate toxins from your body.

Water and milk


Milk is a product of high nutrient including lipid, sugar, protein, vitamin and mineral. With their help you can have strong and smooth skin.

Green tea powder

Green tea powder

Because matcha can help to reduce the influence of free radicals, it is well known for its benefit to health and beauty.

That most women are afraid of being aged it is a known fact. Therefore, you should not waste time anymore. Put all these six kinds of food into your daily diet and enjoy it. You will soon realize it is worth trying.

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